[ENGLISH] Karakal RAW 120 & 130 review – world premiere!

We were privileged enough to be the first people to get our hands on some new Karakal squash racquets that will be available in stores this fall.

Karakal is introducing a completely new model to its armoury. The Karakal RAW will be available in two weight classes (120 and 130 g). How do they look? Check the neat presentation we prepared:

Now, I’m not really sure where the name „raw” came from, but it sure suits the RAWs. Why? Simply because I would not define them by what they have, but rather by what has been left behind in the process of designing them. Let me explain.

As you might have noticed while watching the clip, both racquets have a longer „neck” than most models you might think of. This part has indeed been made thinner and leads up to a slimmer than usual bottom of the racquet head. On the other end, the top of the racquet head has been flattened which actually makes a lot of sense. This is the area that we hit all the balls which miss our sweet-spot with, not the bottom of the racquet head. So why not enlarge it to make our life easier?


Getting used to these racquets takes a mere moment, but the first few minutes are arduous (especially if – unlike the RAWs – your weapon of choice has a head-heavy balance point). Fight through it and you will be rewarded. I was really surprise by the RAW 120: how easy it was to maneuver (helps a lot with volleying), how light it felt (Titanium inside), the confidence it gave me when going forward and the amount of power I got out of it.

RAW 130 has a sturdier frame, but I kept feeling a „slingshot” effect on my strings when hitting the ball. Some people might actually find that a desireble quality. I did not. I liked however how easy it was to swing with this heavier model (Graphite inside). With the balance point set more towards the grip, the racquet shouldn’t help us with the swing, but it does, giving us some free speed and as a consequence, more power.


Last year I complemented Karakal on how colourful their collection was. This time I was surprised by finding that they have decided to go back to a very classic painting style for their racquets. The RAWs are all black frames with only a couple elements standing out (especially the yellow ones on the RAW 130). Something for the purists, perhaps? Either way it’s a big difference when compared to their 2015 paint jobs.


I am very curious to see at what price will these models sell. This will eventually determine to which group of clients Karakal wants to sell this new weapon. In my opinion, this is not the easiest racquet to master on the market, but (if you spend enough time with it) it might give you a competetive edge over your opponent.



Adrian Fulneczek



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